March 2018 Update

In this update, we focus on the progress of the sanctuary expansion and the additional classrooms atop the social lounge. Please see below highlights and video showing drone footage of the project.

  • The basement steel reinforced concrete walls for the new portion of the Church expansion are approximately 90% completed including the elevator shaft and interior columns. Next will be installation of underground utilities and once that done the concrete floor for the basement will be poured.

  • The second floor for the school expansion is also coming up quickly. Major efforts are being made to enclose the second floor. Most of the stud work and steel joist including metal deck are approximately 80% complete. In some areas the roof insulation is being installed.

  • The new Grinding Pump Station is scheduled to start very shortly. Some disturbance will occur in front of the Church entrance because a 30 plus feet deep hole will need to be excavated it. (Please follow all driving and pedestrian signs).

  • As a reminder, the social lounge will be closed for the next five weeks. Please take your food purchases into the gym.

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