April 2018 Update

From last month's update, much progress has been made to the Sanctuary expansion and to the second floor classrooms addition. Despite some snowfall that halted activities for a short time, Scott-Long proceeded to pour the concrete for the basement structure, continue framing, and begin installing necessary insulation. On the second floor classroom expansion piece, the metal stud addition is nearing completion, as well as HVAC ducts and plumbing lines.

The ceilings of the social hall and male/female bathrooms are being reworked to accommodate for new wiring and HVAC ducts. The main Narthex has also seen the addition of a brand new skylight dome. Please see below pictures.

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Concrete foundation has been poured! Framing and insulation in progress.

Alternate Sanctuary expansion view

Narthex/Church Entrance

Skylight Dome

Second Floor Classroom Addition Progress - Exterior

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