July 2018 Update

We are getting closer and closer to completion. The frequent rain during the past couple of weeks set us back a little, but Scott-Long is determined to catch up. Please see the below bullet points and photos!

Sanctuary: Masonry block work (the bricks) is progressing nicely, and the steel reinforcements to provide support to the masonry blocks is currently in progress.

Sanctuary Basement: Framing, metal stud installation and electrical work is in progress.

Narthex: Completing framing, electrical work, and HVAC duct installation.

Braddock Road: Construction is complete, but we are working with Virginia Department of Transportation to figure out appropriate signage for the new left turn out of the church.

Second Floor Addition: Painting systems are presently being applied to the entire second floor gypsum wallboard, door frames and doors, including the corridor leading to the existing building.

Donations and Sponsorship: Please contribute to the ongoing sponsorship campaign of the items we need to furnish the church. We have done an awesome job so far of sponsoring items, but we still have more work to do. There are still altar curtains, podiums, icons, and pews that need to be sponsored and we would love for you to partake in this big blessing. Please see the link here to sponsor these items.


Please continue donating via the below methods.

Venmo - https://venmo.com/StMarkDC

Pushpay - https://pushpay.com/pay/smcocdc

(Either method takes less than 1 minute to complete)


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